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the informed buyers guide to kohler's veil intelligent toilet

the informed buyers guide to kohler's veil intelligent toilet

kohler veil intelligent toilet

portrayed in futuristic movies and stories set centuries in the future, intelligent toilets are here; the ones that can talk to you, sense your needs, flush, sing, control other elements of your home, and so much more. as an essential part of the home, your toilet gets more use than nearly any other fixture, and now it can do just as much. one of the leading products in the intelligent toilet market is kohler’s veil toilet, their second-highest tier toilet. we’re living in the future, and the veil is the perfect example of it.

kohler veil intelligent toilet

fast facts

  • the veil comes in two configurations: wall hung and full-skirt (floor), both elongated bowls

    • wall hung in-wall tank for 2x4 or 2x6 installation

    • wall-hung actuator (face plate) has motion-sensing, touchless flushing capability

  • 12-inch rough with tankless, direct water supply for full-skirt (floor)

  • toilet made of acrylic with left-side access panel

  • touchless remote magnetically docks to battery-operated wall-mount dock

    • controls bidet functionality, flushing (full or half), seat heat, toilet seat & lid

  • toilet requires standard 120v gfci outlet

  • has up to 100 manual “backup” flushes

    • uses buttons on actual toilet, not remote

  • undergoes 1 full uv sanitation cycle every 24 hours

  • stainless steel bidet wand (self-retracting)

  • heated air-dryer bidet

  • blue “nightlight” for ambient light in dark or underlit areas

    • automatic shutoff when light is sensed

  • motion-sensing seat opens immediately when someone is sensed and closes after 30 seconds of flushing

  • automatic half-flush once pressure is removed from seat

  • bidet only operates when weight is sensed on the seat

  • remote-controlled bidet wand

    • moves wand front, back, pulsates, oscillates, adjusts water heat (5 settings), controls air dryer temp & level (5 settings)

  • pre-mist of bowl cleans bowl prior to use

  • automatic deodorizer

try before you buy?

if you have the resources or capability to try the veil out prior to purchasing, I would highly recommend it. though it’s not usually a deterrent for clients set on the shape and functionality, the actual opening and sitting area of the seat is a bit different and smaller than most standard toilet seats. it also is pitched down (sloped inwards) quite a bit, which some people may find uncomfortable. since this is such a large investment, it would be well worth your while to try it out before finding out you can barely bare to sit on the thing for 10 seconds, you know?

kohler veil intelligent toilet

what is it?

the veil intelligent toilet is just that - a very intelligent toilet; it is a comfort height, compact-elongated toilet with a standard 12” rough-in. it is tankless, which is a bit more difficult to find though a necessity for some, and has integrated bidet functionality.

the veil has a touch-screen remote, which is ideal for personalized use and those of us who like the world of touch-screen technology. the key selling point to the veil is both its unique shape and its bidet incorporation; traditionally, bidets are fixtures placed in a separate area of the bath, but with an integrated bidet like the one on the veil, there is no need for a secondary bidet fixture. this saves space and makes a contemporary space all that much more contemporary.

kohler veil intelligent toilet


  • the veil utilizes a touch-screen remote. though it has a docking station, if you have a problem with dropping your phone or other devices in the toilet as it is, you might be limited to keeping the remote on the wall.

    • the docking station does not require any hard wiring; it is run by 4 aaa batteries and mounted on a bracket with easy removal.

  • a 120v outlet is required to operate the toilet. though these are not difficult to install, especially in a new build or gut renovation, I have had people encounter issues trying to install veils without the proper access to one.

  • water pressure: though tankless toilets are generally a luxury, they do require a higher water pressure. if your home has very low water pressure, you may experience issues in that department.

  • the veil’s actual seat is a bit smaller than standard toilet seats due to the large hinges that allow for the automatic opening and closing. I personally don’t find it to be uncomfortable or an issue (just shooting it straight), but it may be an issue for those who like their “open sized seats.”

    • the opening of the seat is also quite pitched, which some may find uncomfortable.

  • there is a removable access panel on the back left side (looking straight from the front), which leaves a seam in the toilet body. this may not be an issue to most, but I have seen it not completely re-adhere completely, making the panel more noticeable than necessary.

is the veil intelligent toilet for you?

the veil intelligent toilet might be for you if:

  • you want a sleek, contemporary design and the highest end technology in your bathroom

  • an integrated bidet is of appeal to you

  • you leave your residence for extended periods of time

    • the veil undergoes a full uv sanitation cycle every 24 hours, so you will never return to grime again

  • you enjoy touch-screen remotes

the veil intelligent toilet might not be for you if:

  • you have low water pressure

  • you don’t have immediate access to a 120v gfci outlet

  • you want a standard toilet seat opening

  • you like sitting on a substantial china toilet

  • you want a classic height / lower height toilet

our take

personally, I love the veil. prior to being in a workplace without one, I had never used a bidet, and the concept of a heated toilet seat sounded gross - like sitting on a toilet right after someone else had sat on it for a little too long. having used the veil now for nearly a year, it’s hard to go home to a regular toilet, expecting to sit on a pre-warmed seat. unlike residual butt heat, a heated seat is comforting, and a bidet is truly a magically cleansing experience.

the customization of virtually everything about the veil is impossible to believe and it’s absolutely amazing. not only that, but it eliminates the need for any manual cleaning, which in itself is worth the entire investment.

kohler veil intelligent toilet

where to buy

since it’s hard to recommend purchasing the veil without trying it out first, you’ll need to stop into a showroom. from there, they will be able to guide you to your best purchasing route.

I wouldn’t suggest online buying due to potential issues, so stick with a brick & mortar kohler vendor. you might pay a bit more, but you’ll get the best and safest delivery, along with the best warranty and support.

have you tried out the veil, or another intelligent toilet? are you considering purchasing one? what are your thoughts, concerns, or raves about it? shout them out in the comments!

x - mk

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