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the interior design color takeover: a brand guide

the interior design color takeover: a brand guide

yellow smeg fridge

there’s no doubt that color is unabashedly the hottest thing in home design right now. we’re not talking color in the form of an accent wall, a painting or a statement chair, but a colorful big-ticket item, like kitchen appliances and built-ins.

coming off of kbis 2019, virtually no brand was left behind in introducing a new line of colors and facades for their appliances, fixtures, cabinets - you name it. with nearly all brands offering at least some offering of color, how do you make the determination of which brand to purchase?

we decided to sift through the massive offerings to provide you with this handy purchasing/brand guide for all the colored fixtures on the market. the best in class. the creme de la creme!


colorful kitchen with emerald green shaker kitchen cabinets
colorful kitchen blue shaker cabinets

plain & fancy

we love plain & fancy cabinetry for so many reasons; they have amazing, drool-worthy styles to choose from that’s unparalleled in the semi-custom cabinetry world, excellent construction, and are at a competitive semi-custom price point. most of all, we love that they match any and all paint colors, taking home coordination to a completely different level.


omega is a semi-custom and custom cabinetry brand that’s at the higher end of cabinetry line price points. in a true case of “you get what you pay for,” omega’s pinnacle series cabinetry, their custom and highest end series, allows you to match virtually any paint color, fabric, or material.


blue la cornue range oven
yellow colored appliance range


smeg is notorious for their retro look, naturally synonymous with the currently thriving retro colors. smeg had introduced its colors to the market years ago, so we’ll credit them as the color-catalyst for this stunning trend.

la cornue

anyone who does their fair share of cooking knows that a la cornue oven is the bentley of all ovens - and comes with the pricetag. these french, made-to-order ovens are stunning in design and quality. we almost fell off our chairs when we learned that these ovens could be color matched to any paint color, but unsurprised in retrospect. as for cost, however, that’s a different story.


bluestar appliances are another top-dog in the appliance world, and now have the largest offering of “standard” colors and finishes in the kitchen world with over 750 colors. like la cornue, they can also color match any color, but at a price a bit more attainable (though still sticker-shocking). most uniquely, bluestar has a wide range of knob colors and textured finishes, making them the most customizable of all appliances.


painted clawfoot tub
pink and green bathroom

victoria + albert

new to v+a this year is their offering of the entire ral spectrum in either gloss or matte on all of their baths and lavs; that’s an entire 194-color spectrum. we love v+a for the style and quality already, but what we love about the coloring is that it’s just on the exterior - the interior remains a gloss white, so you get an extremely pleasant infusion of color, but not an unnecessary punch.

nood co.

nood co. is responsible for those beautiful ceramic vessel creations you’ve undoubtedly seen, but probably haven’t associated with any brand. nood offers hues of gorgeous greens, reds, pinks, and blues - a spectrum that includes something for every space. not only are they made out of a clay which is unique enough to itself, but the color is absolutely stunning and is nothing like you, or any of your visitors - will have ever seen. #stunna


kohler was the og colored fixture brand back in the day, creating the pink sinks, yellow baths, and purple toilets that everyone was wanting to rip out a few years ago. kohler never fully got rid of their color offerings, but they’ve already started bringing discontinued ones back by introducing a stunning indigo and deep purple for their cast irons in 2019. if it’s going to be anything like the 50’s or the early 2000’s, expect bright blues, pinks, and purples from kohler in the near future. what a time to be alive.


pink tile mosaic
blue shower floral hex

new ravenna

new ravenna is the leader in custom stone and glass mosaics, and one of the delight of design’s personal favorites. virtually all of their mosaics are completely customizable with the colorway of your choice. paint colors are fun and cool, but adding color through natural stone adds a special touch to your space that can’t be beat.

artistic tile

similar to new ravenna, artistic tile is an extremely customizable brand, and has hundreds of waterjet templates that allows you to create your own colorway. additionally, they have the best online gallery of stone slabs that we’ve seen. their glass mosaics are equally customizable, and are equally beautiful.

plumbing fixtures

blue wall mounted lav faucet
orange colored shower trim and tub filler

newport brass

if you’re looking for a unique, stand-out metal finish, look no further than newport. with 26 finishes, they can match virtually any metal you’re looking for. as an added bonus, all of their fixtures are pure brass and they have a huge breadth of style offerings, at a not-outrageous price point.


vola has long had a line of colored faucets, but we’re excited to see how they’ll be used in conjunction with the color infusions of other colored fixtures! we love vola for their contemporary designs, quality, and their vivid, fun finishes.

I may wear all black, but I do love to look at some pretty colors. I’m obviously stoked about this whole “color revival” thing, but how about you - are you stoked? do you have plans to incorporate any bold fixtures into your home this year, or are you hesitant that it’s just a little too trendy? let us know in the comments!

x - mk

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