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after months of brainstorming, coding, writing, rendering, researching and developing, I’m so excited (and anxious and nervous but also a lot excited) to officially announce the launch of the delight of design’s sister site,


cityspace is an online interior design site that goes further than any typical e-design service does.

we offer full service packages for your kitchen, bath, or miscellaneous space you don’t know what to do with. we specialize in the stuff that the decorators don’t know how to source, quote, or style such as cabinetry, surfaces, tile, grout, etc.

here’s the story about how it came to be.

a little over a year ago, I packed myself and my dog up and I moved to boston from the midwest, pretty much on a whim. awaiting me in boston was adventure, as well as the opportunity to work as a kitchen & bath designer in the heart of downtown.

moving from a spacious, brand new, one-bed (washer & dryer in unit) in the midwest into a 3 bed/1 bath, 4th floor walkup with 2 roommates (no, no laundry, no elevator, no parking), a DROP CEILING, 6’ x 8’ kitchen, 4’ x 5’ bathroom (yes, you read right), all at the low cost of 36% more than what I was paying in milwaukee, was hard. the payoff? a 100 walk score and boston skyline view from my bed. my dog gets to people watch everyone on newbury st, arguably the busiest shopping street in boston, from his bed in the window while i’m away.

but, it was a challenge to move into a place like this. no designer wants anything in their home to be less than perfect, and me and my solid-income-but-not-solid-enough-to-buy-a-billion-dollar-townhouse-in-boston self needed to make some changes. so I did; I redid the entire bathroom, painted (and wallpapered) the entire apartment, installed new cabinetry, and made as many updates as I could until it felt homey enough to not jump out that 4th floor window. I may not get my rent deposit back, but that’s okay because I’m comfortable enough living in my home now.

my personal home projects got me into the mindset of those with a modest income, who may not be design inclined, but have purchased what they can and just want it to be beautiful. in boston, san francisco, new york, or any one of those areas - buying anything remotely close to the city means you’re not really getting anything. but it doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into something amazing!

from there, I started thinking of the people not knowing the nuances of city remodeling and the difficulties behind it. sometimes, rta cabinetry is your only option when you have a fire hazard of a staircase that’s 2’ wide, or a subfloor so weak it can’t bear any over 500 lbs. but how would anyone outside of the industry, working on a diy project know that?

this picture of a non-design-inclined, city-space-dweller/owner, unaware of how to make their space a home started to take shape. who is this person? most likely, either a millennial couple/single - all trying their best to make it work in the city. making it work in the city generally means working. unless you’re one of the lucky few with unlimited days off and remote capability, that means no time for running back and forth on the train to meet contractors, designers, and architects. the only time available to address home-related issues? like, during a work snack or lunch break?

conclusion: bring it online.

and so the idea for cityspace came to be!

an online interior design business for those that just don’t have the emotional bandwidth at the end of their busy days to deal with design and need some design guidance, but also need more than just furniture suggestions.

cityspace is here to help you through every step of the design process and to make your design personal to you. we’ll help you with the heavy stuff like cabinetry, surfaces, baths (self-proclaimed expert on weird af city bathrooms here, nice to meet you) and so much more.

I’m so stoked to start this process and give you all everything you finally deserve out of an e-design service - not just a cookie-cutter mood board and faux deliverables, but at an ethical price that won’t break the bank.

even if you’re not a millennial living in the city - someone looking for a quality e-design service that goes beyond a furniture mood board, cityspace might just be for you.

no matter who you are or where you live, it doesn’t hurt to check it out - I’m so excited to work with you all.

hope to see you there!

x - mk

we priced two rooms with custom ikea cabinetry and here's what happened

we priced two rooms with custom ikea cabinetry and here's what happened