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every important takeaway from kbis 2019

every important takeaway from kbis 2019

aaaaand that’s a wrap! for kbis 2019, that is.

for kitchen & bath professionals, kbis is the event of the year: a two-day trade event that showcases the industry leaders’ latest and greatest. this year, it was held in vegas and was mainly an event filled with smart gadgets, statement making colors, and innovation in machining (3d printing).

as far as smart gadgets go, we’re not overly surprised about the smart devices being displayed - smart gadgets in k&b have been edging in for years now. at this point it’s not that a gadget is smart, it’s how smart it is. we’ve moved onto voice activation with the integration of siri and alexa with kohler’s dtv. samsung’s family hub fridge is literally a hub for everyone in the household to sync up with each other through the use of a massive touch-door interface; see inside the fridge, sync your schedules, etc. the family hub does it all.

most intelligent of all is our personal favorite of the appliance/gadget genre, lg’s signature series wine fridge. the signature series is unbeatable not only in a performance sense, but this fridge is synced with an app called true sommelier by wine ring that makes it truly unbelievable. the true sommelier app will provide you with information about the wine that’s in the fridge, down to the best pairing for what you’re currently cooking. have a dinner party and let true sommelier offer the best pairing based on each guest’s individualized preference. now that’s a smart gadget.

asides from our smart homes becoming even smarter, what is undoubtedly about to be huge in home design is vibrant, bold, statement-making appliances and fixtures. not lil' toasters, knobs, or small appliance - we’re talking ranges, tubs, sinks, fridges, and built-ins. big-ticket items that would traditionally be seen in only white, black, or stainless. expect to see them in vibrant reds, greens, blues, and many more.

standing out most to us is victoria + albert’s newest selection of 194 ral color finishes(!) on their englishcast lavs & freestanding tubs. ral is a german color-matching system of vivid, beautiful hues (not as comprehensive as pantone, but more suited for manufacturing) that will make for incredible, durable, bold pieces in the bath that withstand both the beauty and quality we know victoria + albert to be.

victoria + albert freestanding ravello tub in ral 6005 moss green
victoria + albert freestanding chesire tub in ral 3005 wine red

we also love the cafe collection of appliances from ge; stainless steel be gone! now, you have the option of custom finishes, previously reserved for the highest end appliances like lacanche and la cornue, now at an affordable price point. copper, black, and bronze are just a few of the finish options, along with white & black matte facades to go with any design. also, option for a built-in keurig machine. hello? yes?

ge cafe black stainless with stainless handles emerald kitchen
ge cafe copper handles black stainless two door oven
ge cafe appliances matte white copper hardware

as for surfaces, we’re absolutely obsessing over one of cambria’s newest additions - myddleton, a semi-translucent quartz that has a crystal-like appearance and, wait for it…can be backlit!

our next design mission is to find a project where we can incorporate a jumbo slab of this stuff and BACKLIGHT it. maybe behind an emerald v+a tub?! (@victoria+albert @cambria, let’s collab?! holler here.)

cambria myddleton jumbo slab

other notable mentions from the show were dxv’s “blade,” a 3d printed vortex-like wall-mounted touchless faucet, which took best in show. after kallista’s 3d printed grid faucet winning best in show last year, we were a little disappointed to see near identical technology. toto’s zero gravity flotation tub also got significant attention, though not a new product. hansgrohe’s powder rain system was also a big hit, and something we’re thinking most bath brands will catch onto quickly.

all in all, we’re super excited for the bold colors about to take the home design world by storm, and just a little terrified of how smart technology has become, yikes.

what trend are you most excited to see this year?!

x - mk

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