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all you need to know about the robern aio (spoiler: it's amazing)

all you need to know about the robern aio (spoiler: it's amazing)

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if you’re an avid delight of design reader, you probably know that I have a few brands that I live and die by. one of those brands? robern.

from my experience, I’ve found that quality, style, innovation and function are always a guarantee with robern products.  however, one product has always stood out above the rest to me: the robern aio wall mirror. the aio collection as a whole is fantastic and I can’t recommend it highly enough, but the aio 70” wall mirror takes the cake for us.

robern aio wall mounted mirror

fast facts about the aio wall mirror

  • integrated dimmable led lighting

  • cool color temperature (4000k)

  • highest cri (color rendering index) of all integrated led lighted mirrors on the market

    • the higher the cri, the higher the lighting clarity and accuracy

  • touch-dimmer control on mirror face

  • integrated usb ports

  • super slim wall-mount profile (2”)

  • 50,000 hour led lifespan

  • all aluminum/steel construction

  • made in the us

what is it?

the aio wall mirror is full-length mirror with integrated dimmable led strips. our chosen model is 30” x 70”, but comes in 24” and 36” wide configurations as well.

one thing that robern has always done exceptionally well in our eyes, is their lighting. at a cool 4000k led color temperature, the lighting color is perfect for dressing or getting ready for any occasion, and can provide enough ambient task lighting for an entire room.

with the dimming capability of the mirror, you can also adjust how bright you’d like the lumen output to be. with the driver quality of the aio, you can dim the mirror to a nightlight without any flicker whatsoever.

the usb ports are incredibly convenient too. never let your phone die, keep alexa right by your side, charge your speaker while you to blast those morning tunes. or, our favorite, power a wall-mounted magnifying mirror to inspect those tiny details.

try before you buy?

the aio wall mirror is a statement that won’t be overlooked, so you may need to see it in person if you’re not completely sold on the idea of a large lighted mirror. it is also important to like the color temperature. though the aio has extremely precise and bright light, it might not mesh with your personal temperature preference. if you’re convinced you want the quality of robern and a mirror with integrated lighting, the aio is a safe “blind buy.”

  • where to try?

if you think you need to try it before you buy it, you may have a harder time finding it than you would with most products. since robern isn’t distributed through any big-box stores, you’ll have to stop into a showroom to see the real thing. try searching for kohler stores or robern showrooms in your vicinity to see one.

where to buy?

choosing your place and method of purchase is a surprisingly big choice, and you have a slew of extra considerations when ordering something so fragile as a mirror. the aio isn’t a stock item, meaning virtually all distributors will have the same lead time of ~2 weeks. if you decide to purchase from a brick-and-mortar distributor, add a week or two to that for delivery and receiving.

if you choose to purchase online, you may receive the fixture faster since the product is being shipped directly to you - not to a warehouse. with fewer hands touching the product, it’s also less likely to arrive damaged.

all robern products are imap protected, so the prices you see online from verified vendors will be the lowest prices legally allowed to be offered. you’ll see markups in-store, as well as delivery fees that you won’t with online purchases.

generally, I recommend purchasing from a reputable online vendor, which is why I try link to build.com (no affiliate promotion - this is my own, genuine opinion) as much as I can. build is owned by ferguson enterprises, an extremely large and solid distributor of k&b fittings. being backed by such a large corporation, you can bet that you’ll get some great customer service to back product issues you might face, and there might even be a chance that they have your mirror in stock. build.com also runs frequent promotions. though imap protects the price of the product itself, any additional vendor coupons can be applied towards it, so you very well may be best off scavenging for deals on the web.

be very wary of third-party vendors distributing at lower than imap protected prices (amazon); if the product is genuine, this is highly illegal and usually is an indication that the product is a knockoff. robern isn’t a hugely distributed brand, so stick with name-brand vendors that you can trust, regardless of how or where you purchase. check out a list of their verified vendors here.

is the aio wall mirror for you?

the aio might be for you if:

  • quality lighting is important to you

  • you like the greatest in technology

  • longevity and lifespan is important to you

  • you prefer american made products

  • you like contemporary styling

  • you don’t mind paying for quality

the aio might not be for you if:

  • you don’t like cool temperature lighting

  • you are unable to hard-wire the mirror behind the wall

  • you like traditional styling

  • you want your lighting to run on a switch or home system

  • budget is a concern

our take

I’m lucky enough to have access to the aio everyday, and had an epiphany whilst using the other day: the lighting from this mirror is truly fantastic. it’s not going to make you look like a supermodel, and it’ll probably show you some flaws you didn’t want to see, hell. but seeing yourself “in your truest light” isn’t just a hokey marketing ploy, it’ll actually benefit you in how you present yourself to the outside world.

it provides enough task lighting to light an entire medium-sized bath (though you’ll still need some downlights), and makes a perfect nightlight in a guest, kids’, or en suite bath. after working in the led and lighting industry for several years, it’s truly amazing that the led strips can run at such a low brightness without any flicker - a true testament to robern’s quality engineering.

with the spacing and size of the integrated light strips, I’ve found that the 30” x 70” is the ideal size width; you fit perfectly in the frame both close-up and from afar (4+ feet). with the 24", you may find yourself cropped out of the frame when you’re close-up, and the 36” could be too large - the 30” feels like the ideal balance!

do you have any thoughts on the robern aio wall mirror? have you experienced it or do you own it already?

and…on a less related note…what are your thoughts on usb ports in the bathroom? do you have any preferred or unusual uses for them? comment and let us know!

questions or concerns? get in touch!

x - mk

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