trend watch: mirror-mounted wall faucets

about a year ago, I was working with a client who wanted to remodel her bathroom solely because of a huge "vegas mirror" that she hated. this particular statement has always stuck out in my mind, as "vegas mirrors" have never been particular eyesores or points of contention to me.

these ordinary wall coverings of mirrors are now starting to be used more and more in a unique, functional and trendy fashion, and I'm in love, i won't lie. especially in smaller spaces, these supposedly dated mirrors have just extended their lifetime significantly.

wall mirrors have been around for decades, though wall mounted faucets are a newish trend. it's recent that vegas-mirror-style and wall-mounts have come together to create this glamorous, practical trend.


asides from not having to have a separate backsplash/design element to break up the design, the mirror will reflect the entire room, creating the illusion that it is literally twice as large - perfect for a small bath or powder room.

 can we also talk about this wall and vanity treatment? because #omg

can we also talk about this wall and vanity treatment? because #omg


what do you think of this trend? sound off in the comments!

x - mk