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9 luxury bath upgrades you'll never regret

9 luxury bath upgrades you'll never regret

when remodeling your bathroom, sometimes you're left with a little wiggle room in your budget. you can either pocket the cash - or splurge a little if you're feeling a little fancy! if you're up for it, opt for some luxury upgrades that you're sure to not regret! let this either serve as a guide for you lucky ones, or as a daydream for the rest of us.


linear drain

gone are the days of the "shower drain" - that round, stainless steel thing that adorned virtually every shower prior to y2k. to really elevate your shower design, add a linear drain. these create a streamlined, clean look and make the drain into a feature piece as opposed to that necessary, unsightly plumbing part that no one wants to see. many linear drains also have tile-in options that make the drain virtually disappear for an even cleaner look. however, these drains don't run cheap; the addition of a linear drain with installation could put you back more than $1000.

curbless shower

eliminate that pesky shower threshold with a curbless/barrier free shower. they look sleek, unobtrusive, and open up the bathroom much more than a curbed shower or shower base would. carry the floor material through to the shower and you'll have a completely fluid room and a design to kill!

pure brass fixtures

most fixtures on the market have at least some plastic in them, making them more susceptible to water-spotting, breakage, and general malfunction or need for replacement. for a luxury upgrade, opt for fixtures that are made of pure brass instead. in the world of plumbing fixtures, you definitely get what you pay for, and brass fixtures are something worth the investment. depending on the brand you're looking at purchasing, the pricing can vary significantly. expect to pay about 40% more than mid-tier priced fixtures, though, for pure-brass brands like Jaclo, Rohl, Newport Brass, Kallista, and Waterworks.

towel warmer

if you live in a state with anything that resembles winter, or even a chilly fall, oooooh you know how dreadful it is to step out of the shower into that cold air! there is NOTHING like wrapping yourself in a warm, just-out-of-the-dryer feeling towel, and that is why there is NOTHING like a towel warmer! mr. steam has the best ones out there - and the added benefit of a chamber for aromatherapy oils that enhance the room that much more. as nice as these are, you can expect to pay at least $1000, up to $5000 for one of these luxuries.

heated floors

similar to towel warmers, heated floors are a type of luxury that you can only really appreciate once you've stepped out of your shower onto a cold, hard floor. I often recommend this option to clients, as it's not nearly as pricey of an upgrade as many anticipate. talk to a consultant about affordable options for your bath, or even a heated shower floor. monthly pricing can run as low as $4/month, and can even replace radiant heaters with ambient heat. definitely worth looking into!


with the benefits of glowing skin, a relaxed aura, and overall wellness (also, cellulite elimination!!), steam is definitely a tough contender for the luxury sector. mr. steam, the leader (as the name would suggest) in steam, has an incredible-looking linear steamhead. pair this with a linear drain and your design is virtually unstoppable. with the added addition of aroma therapy induced into the steam, you'll have a shower you'll never want to leave.

glass treatments

while many shower doors are just that - shower doors - there are a multitude of upgrades available on glass to ease the cleanliness, increase the longevity, and enhance the look of your glass. spot shields will make it significantly easier to clean and repel waterspots, and depending on the type of surround you're doing, the mounting type or hinging will make for a huge impact on the design of the space. for an even higher end feel, opt for glass up to 1/2" - the weightiness creates an incredibly luxe feel.

artisan tile

though tile is often the inspiration for a bath itself, there are few items that can vary so much in price. again a case of "you get what you pay for," if you have some extra room in your budget, opt for a decorative or upgrade in your current tileway; the upgrade won't go unnoticed. a handcrafted artisan mosaic or hand blown glass knobs will give your space a special, one-of-a-kind touch.

quartz tops

several years ago, a space without a granite counter-top was a low-design space. in modern kitchen & bath design, quartz is the must-have material. non-porous, anti-microbial, beautiful, low-maintenance, quartz is the answer to all of our prayers! however, although a man-made material, quartz doesn't necessarily come cheap. often comparable to granite prices, it can also be comparable to exotic stone surfaces depending on the quality, design and brand. take that extra budget room and get spending on some quality quartz (we recommend cambria). you'll enjoy the beauty as long as the bath!

do you have any luxury upgrades in your home that make you #swoon on the daily?! comment below!

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