a harvard worthy hiatus

I've been MIA for a while - I was hoping to circumvent that on this blog! however, it's not for a lack of good reason (hopefully). I finally get to announce some of the most exciting news I've ever been able to announce: I'm moving to boston!


I've accepted a job as a designer in the up-and-coming (up-and-coming relative to boston, but in regards to milwaukee, it's already there, baby) seaport district, and I've been conducting remote housing searches, conducting in-life housing searches, tending to my stress-induced ulcers, and trying to come to terms with the concept of spending $2100 on an efficiency studio (who really needs a stove or an oven, right?).


this design showroom and experience center is nothing short of immaculate - and I don't say that lightly. it's brand new, and filled with the latest and greatest kohler technology and design features, along with experience rooms where you can treat yourself to complimentary spa treatments. ever tried a bidet? me neither. come check out the showroom and we'll change that for ya! this is what dreams are made of. touted as the best signature store of all the signature stores by the kohler ceo himself, if you're on the east coast and even remotely considering a bath redesign, you absolutely must stop in and check it out; you will not regret it.


finding housing in boston is something out of a sadistic fantasy, though. it's a landlord's market, and my miniature italian greyhound has been all but exiled from the city. luckily, we managed to snag a summer sublet across from harvard with a walkscore of 97, along with a studio on newbury with one of 99. let me know if you're in the area, and we can have coffee and discuss design!


but that brings me to this whole "design" thing. I wrote in my last post about a trend watch for exposed hinges, heavily reliant on the flat-overlay style of cabinetry. I'm coming to find that the houses I've been around have a lot of interior flaws - a lot of good ones that will make for great posts later on. but mainly, these images celebrate the immaculately historical interiors that do boston justice. this blog is to serve as design to you, but on this journey, I'm in need of a little, too. let the adventure begin!

x - mk