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concept board: a utility room made in heaven

concept board: a utility room made in heaven

who says that a utility room has to be a crusty, dull, concrete box hidden in the corner of your basement, filled with boxes of holiday clutter and random knick-knacks with no definite place in your space?

laundry rooms are a necessity in any household, and next to the kitchen or bath, one that should be given great consideration in regards to functionality.


a cast iron sink is extremely durable and will withstand heavy daily use. fireclay legs are not only supremely durable, but they also add a unique design touch.

dual wall-mount faucets make for a high-functioning, quick-fill sink. top-mount soap or sponge holders are an efficient use of space and convenience. ultimate dog bath, anyone?

brushed/satin nickel finishes will hide water spots and fingerprints, requiring minimal fixture upkeep.

slate flooring is durable and asides from the multiple hues that blend with the color scheme, will hide stains or messes that may occur.

quartz counters are extremely durable, and a light color with a subtle and consistent veining is ideal for a laundry or utility room; soap or chemical spills won't effect the material, and is highly resistant to chips, cracks, stains and requires virtually no maintenance in the way of sealants.

a porcelain backsplash adds a unique design touch, has a rustic appeal to add a dash of charm, and is durable enough to withstand a chemical or water splash.

shades of blue, cream and off-white create a calming workspace.

how do you use your utility or laundry room? is there anything you would or wouldn't change? sound off in the comments!

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