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concept board: transitional farmhouse kitchen

concept board: transitional farmhouse kitchen

oftentimes, the first and (sometimes the only) request I get from a client when designing a kitchen is to make their space timeless.

with so many offerings in the design world and trends changing everyday, most of the time, it's nearly impossible to even define what trendy even is.

when designing a "timeless" kitchen, don't spring for what's hot right now and will also be hot in 20 years; opt for design solutions that you like right now, and can see yourself liking in 20 years. there's no guarantee of being in love with something for this long of a time, but little tweaks are easily done and often a necessity.

nonetheless, regardless of what style you're going for, there are several ways to err on the less-trendy, more timeless end of the kitchen design spectrum. let's check it out, transitional farmhouse style.


the ringer to a farmhouse style kitchen - a cast iron enameled farmhouse sink. in an off-white, it will age better than a white sink would, but isn't a statement making color that you'll resent yourself for getting a few years down the line.

polished nickel finishes bring a richness and warmth to any space; though these are the easiest elements to change if you're updating, polished nickel has a vibrance that is elegant and - contrary to very popular belief - polished finishes generally wear better than brushed ones.

two-tone cabinetry completes the farmhouse look and offers a timeless look; if a darker tone is "on trend" at one point, then you still have the lighter to offset it, and vice versa - also a nice fall back.

hardwood or hardwood-looking floors are options guaranteed to never go out of style if "styled" correctly. with the right fittings, these medium wood tone floors fit right in with the off-white scheme and dual tone cabinetry. it creates an at-home farmhouse vibe that meshes well with the theme, enriched by the polished nickel.

to add an especially timeless touch, introduce a special tile to the space. a handmade, one-of-a-kind backsplash or accent is guaranteed never to go out of style. this tile is handcrafted, subdued, yet stunning. it complements the entire scheme and will increase the longevity of the coordinating kitchen components.

functionality never goes out of style, and that's why a trough sink is maybe the most timeless component on this board. a trough sink in the island or entertainment bar is extremely functional for filling with ice or dirty dishes, amongst a wide breadth of other uses (my absolute favorite kitchen item as of late).

last but certainly not least, the countertops. when designing a kitchen to be "timeless," be sure that the materials themselves you're choosing are meant to be long-lived. cheaper faucets won't last as long as nicer ones. big-box cabinetry won't look as nice or have the quality of semi or fully custom ones. granite or other material countertops won't have the lifespan of quartz countertops. I recommend quartz to all of my clients due to its stunning looking nature, supreme durability, lack of sealant requirements, and ease of upkeep. even the highest quality quartz is at a relatively affordable pricepoint and is an investment well worth your while.

in short: to maintain a timeless kitchen design, keep your color palette subtle, your finishes thoughtful, and your materials high-quality.

is there anything you'd add to create a more timeless kitchen? sound off in the comments!

x - mk

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