trend watch: smart plumbing

It's official: bathrooms have gone smart. With the release of Delta's voice activated kitchen faucet and Kohler's newest suite of Kohler Konnect fixtures that work in sync with Amazon's Alexa, you can now use your wifi to interact with the internet in ways you never thought possible - or only possible in a far, far away future - your bathroom.

concept board: a utility room made in heaven

Who says that a utility room has to be a crusty, dull, concrete box hidden in the corner of your basement, filled with boxes of holiday clutter and random knick-knacks with no definite place in your space? Laundry rooms are a necessity in any household, and next to the kitchen or bath, one that should be given great consideration in regards to functionality.

dream bath design on any budget

From stay-at-home moms to corporate boss ladies, every woman deserves to have an at-home bath sanctuary, and a budget shouldn't hinder that! In a new bath remodel, there are certain places you can splurge, and places you can save in order to get the spa space you deserve without busting your budget.

the lost lady's guide to toilet buying

Often considered the grimiest, grungiest, and ugliest part of a bathroom, a toilet is often overlooked in terms of design. when it comes to buying one, there are so many options that it's hard to know where to even begin.